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Impersonation scam email...........

Dear CSCBG (UK) Members,

Further to our recent correspondence about a new e-mail scam that has emerged targeting hospitality businesses, including some Bidfood customers, with bogus deals on spirits and catering equipment, please find attached an updated statement. The scammers have started to use different aliases including Ross Jones, Tom Jones, Jamie Green as well as the original alias, Mark Hewitt, and we are therefore keen to continue alerting our customers to protect you from the fraud and to monitor the issue.

If you believe that you have received fraudulent communications please do not to respond, but to retain and share the details of those communications, any evidence or any crime reference numbers with us, passing them onto ContractsTeam@bidfood.co.uk. If you have already paid the fraudsters, please register this as a crime with your local police force and Action Fraud and share the evidence with them too.

As you can appreciate, it is important that we are able to monitor this issue and any changes in the modus operandi of the fraudsters so that we can advise our customers accordingly.

Best regards


Rebecca O’Keefe

Business Development Controller

Mobile: 07736 089710


Secretary: Louise Bagguley

Tel:   0161 455 3621


Bidfood Business support Centre, 1st Floor, Langley Road South

Salford, Manchester. M6 6TZ


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