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How can you reduce costs to your charity or organisation?

Every organisation has necessary costs but like everything, the more opportunity there is for cost reduction, the more opportunity to put back in to the main purpose of your ministry

If you had a significant increase in additional income what impact would that have on your ministry?

Need drastic reduction in overheads or a profitability boost?

Suffering from cost creep?

Cash flow struggling and need to respond with some big answers?

Need to reduce costs to generate big savings?
Whether you are an individual Christian organisation looking for a competitive price on a single piece of furniture, mobile phone or A4 paper or a multi site organisation looking for a fully managed procurement service for areas such as Utilities, Insurance, Telecomms or Office Products we can work with you to generate significant savings

How do we help?

Can you do this in-house? You can, but having someone else sit in with you and guide you with extra objectivity and resources could be a huge added benefit.

After a preliminary discussion we may come up with the following process example:

  • Agree an achievable savings target,  eg: £20,000 
  • Involve a suitable number of people.across your organisation and set time frame, tender process and procurement method
  • Review your current areas of expenditure and do a total 'cost work-out', challenging every cost and supplier.
  • *Conduct an audit / benchmarking per agreed cost area which may include reviewing 2 -3 invoices and compare against our preferred supplier list and consider consolidation options
  • Prepare a benchmark report outlining the options, savings and recommendations

All work is confidential – we manage the process with you so you won't get unwanted sales calls!

* Note: A small charge applies for us conducting a full procurement audit across your organisation
Depending on your turnover this ranges between £95 and £495 .  
You keep all the savings highlighted. 

Case study

CSCBG visited our site and went through all our major spend areas, they took away some invoices and produced a report highlighting significant savings which took about 3 weeks.  They confirmed we were buying well in one area but in many others the savings they highlighted were really significant.

We saved £26,000 and they helped us consolidate from 7 suppliers down to 3 resulting in improved efficiency for our team as they dont need to keep checking the market for pricing.

We would recommend it to any Christian organisation looking to generate extra income to help reduce overheads or put it towards a major project

London School of Theology

Unite with like-minded organisations

Working with other Christian organisations means that your purchasing volume is combined, not only to access greater discounts but also know that through purchasing through the buying group approved suppliers you are supporting the Christian residential sector

Use the expertise and resources of our suppliers

Quality of product, ease of ordering and confidence in delivery gives you the reassurance that you can order what you want, for when you need it and leverage the power of buying group terms

Whats in it for you and how much does it cost?

What's in it for you?

Any savings you make add immediate profit to your organisation, Or use the new available cash to invest in the main purpose of your ministry

What does it cost?

We are a Christian resource support ministry and deliberately keep our overheads low, which means our services, work and advice is free for members when looking at 1 or 2 categories but small charges do apply for audits or managed procurement services.  

Our income comes from our suppliers paying us a small  % fee on any sales through our members. 

At the end of the year any profits we make in Christian Supply Chain Buying group are paid to CCI to support and develop Christian residential ministry.

Managed procurement

Occasionally organisations are looking for a more bespoke service to free up their time from dealing with suppliers and reviewing contracts to enable them to focus on their God given ministry.

Our managed procurement service may be of interest which we tailor to individual organisation requirements with our fee starting from £2,995 pa

It can include some or all of the following

  1. Review of all your contracts and agreements
  2. Produce report of contract status, due dates and recommendations
  3. Dedicated account manager from one of our team
  4. Purchasing process audit, review and benchmarking against CSCBG pre-approved suppliers and pricing
  5. Produce a report highlighting areas of saving, recommendations for supplier review and changes, areas of spend consolidation
  6. Manage the switch over from existing to new suppliers as required
  7. Quarterly meeting to review of progress, savings and activity
  8. Dedicated customer service line for ad-hoc one-off purchasing requests
  9. Management of process for larger spend areas through
    1. Writing project brief in consultation
    2. Securing 2-3 quotations
    3. Managing tender process
    4. Project management of implementation across site


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