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Has your Energy Supplier gone out of business?

Utility Aid can help you 

Unfortunately, a number of energy suppliers are closing, the latest being CNG Ltd. 

CNG, like many other suppliers, will be moving their customers to a supplier of last resort, this means that the account will be without a supplier until another takes on the customer.
This means contracts could be voided out or moved onto out of contract rates which are notoriously high. 

If you're  in this situation and would like guidance and help, please contact us at buy@cscbg.org.uk 

We'll arrange to connect you with Utility Aid so they can arrange a free utility bill audit and UA will get back to you as soon as possible.

With the above in mind, it is imperative that you choose both a supplier and tariff type that suits your needs and appetite for risk. Rest assured Utility Aid constantly assess supplier credit risk so they can navigate you through this turbulent time with a supplier you can feel confident in. .

Please find detailed below feedback from organisation in the Christian and Charity sectors on their experience of using Utility Aid


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