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Jargon Buster - Contention Ratio

Think of a contention ratio as a road with traffic; the higher the ratio, the more cars on the road, and vice versa. Now imagine you have somewhere really important to be and suddenly you're stuck in a huge traffic jam which has slowed down to a halt (we've all been there!). Well the same can actually be said for broadband - the more devices connected to your line the slower the speed will be, meaning it can be a great deal more difficult to get the important stuff done.2Circles Consulting are dedicated to providing you with the best connectivity speeds for your home and business, get in touch with CSCBG today at buy@cscbg.org.uk or sign up as a CSCBG member at https://www.memberscscbg.org.u... to discover how 2 Circles can help your roads to be traffic free.


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