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CSCBG can help you save money

Every organisation has necessary costs but like everything, the more opportunity there is for cost reduction, the more opportunity to put back in to the main business purpose

CSCBG was recently asked by Nottinghamshire YMCA to review one of their major spend areas,

CSBG was able to highlight that purchasing through our pre-qualified supplier covering that spend area would produce savings of £3,000 per annum.

So if you need to reduce costs and generate savings please contact us at buy@cscbg.org.uk or sign up to become a new member and start saving money https://www.memberscscbg.org.uk/user/create/

It’s completely free, there are no hidden charges and you keep all the savings highlighted.

Whatever type of organisation you are, our mission is to help you reduce your overhead costs so you can release funds for your ministry or business.


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