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Stress-free unlimited mobile data packages from 2 Circles.

As you may be aware, data use in the UK has seen a pronounced jump over the past year.

2Circles have got mobiles well and truly covered with their;

 3 Network Guarantee

 Industry-Leading Customer Service

 Phenomenal Unlimited Data Packages

The next time your organization, or any family/friends are looking for an incredible mobile offering, please get in touch with the Christian Supply Chain.Existing members please request a mobile quote: 01908 663958 buy@cscbg.org.ukNew members sign up at  https://www.cscbg.org.uk/page/...To create your account.

Considering its Mobile May we thought we’d test your mobile knowledge.
Check out these 10 facts about mobile phones and let us know what surprised you?
10 mobile phone facts you might not believe (buymobiles.net)
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