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What does it cost?

Membership is free.
  • No joining fees
  • No ongoing membership fees
  • No minimum purchase criteria
  • Absolutely no hidden costs

Can you get...?

If you are receiving a benefit, which you believe will help our community please let us know or if there is a product or service you require we may be able to source it preferentially.

How much money will I save?

The more you channel your purchases through CSC Buying Group, the more you will save.

Do I pay the suppliers through CSC Buying Group?

No, you pay all suppliers directly, no money comes through CSC Buying Group.

What can I buy through CSC Buying Group?

CSC Buying Group has many suppliers across a wide range of categories, and we regularly add to the products and services available. Our suppliers provide both highly competitive pricing and top quality goods and services. Visit the Products and Services page for a complete list.

How do I join CSC Buying Group?

You can complete an online application here.

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