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Utility Aid

Finding CSCBG members the best energy deals

We’re delighted to be able to offer you access to the services of Utility Aid, the UK’s largest energy broker who specialise in sourcing energy for the UK’s not-for-profit sector. As well as helping to secure new contracts at the lowest possible cost, they also provide a service to help you uncover overcharges through invoice validation. Through this service, they have recovered over £2 million for their clients in the last four years alone.

Keep more of your money for the front line
Utility Aid understand that the less money you spend on your energy provision, the more money you have to use on the front-line services you provide. They are passionate about keeping energy costs down so you can do just that.

Ethical Energy Provision
Working with Utility Aid really does provide the best of all worlds. As well as their commitment to sourcing energy at the lowest possible cost, they are dedicated to ethical energy provision and working in a clear and transparent manner.

Services to members of CSCBG

We’ve agreed a unique initial offering with Utility Aid that will offer you the following:

  • Free energy audit: Utility Aid will review your current contracts and make detailed recommendations based on your actual energy consumption. There’s no guess work with them.
  • Invoice Validation: They will check your bills and ensure you only pay for what you should. If they find you have been overpaying, they will work with you and your suppliers to recoup this money.
  • Proactive energy management: They provide all their clients with access to an experienced Account Manager to answer any questions you may have.

Find out more
Working with Utility Aid could not be easier. Just click the 'Use this supplier link' and either complete the contact form or e-mail us at buy@cscbg.org  and we’ll put you in contact with Utility Aid.  Please ensure that you have a copy of your latest bill or details of your existing energy contract available for the initial contact with Utility Aid.

Click here to visit Utility Aid's website (NB: pricing discounts for CSCBG members can only be accessed through CSCBG 'Use this supplier link'

UA (Utility Aid)

Utility Aid (UA) can offer members the opportunity to achieve significant savings on their existing energy tariff by being part of a member wide energy basket

As UK energy prices continue to increase, we believe this is a long-term trend.

To allow us to execute this across all of CSC members we are running a group purchasing scheme to extend out to 2021.

This is a fantastic strategy for your budget security and longevity because of the opportunity to purchase your energy with hundreds of other meters from other like-minded ethical organisations.

You will have access to pricing and markets that you would not necessarily be able to benefit from should you choose to remain in an individual tender. You can join regardless of the size of your organisation, everyone can benefit!


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