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Utility Aid

We Supply

  • Energy switching
  • Budget management
    • Energy is purchased in several large chunks across the year taking advantage of market opportunities which reduces the risk of sudden spikes affecting your energy price. Know how much you will pay per month over a longer period of time. 
  • Time saving
    • You don’t have to undergo time consuming process of hunting for a new contract each year (although you can opt out each year if required).
  • Track record
    • UA understand the not for profit sector having worked with many charities and Christian organisations over many years and saved many of our members money. 

About us

UA (Utility Aid) has worked with charities, churches and the not for profit sector for 15 years to reduce energy costs and help organisations become more energy efficient. Since 2002 they have saved over £10 million in energy costs for our customers. 

UA (Utility Aid) is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of customer service to their clients to help them achieve the best possible price for their energy. They are committed to assisting them find the best route to reduce costs through a combination of competitive tariffs, the right contract, and energy reduction initiatives. 

Working with major energy suppliers, clients can choose from long or short term contracts which can include invoice validation and smart meters. There are also options to purchase energy collectively and at wholesale prices.

Energy efficiency is an important long-term consideration. For organisations that use 30,000 KW or more per year, we offer a range of energy saving measures to reduce costs and cut your carbon footprint. Services include LED lighting, boiler controls and power optimisation. 

They can also advise on renewable energy options.

UA (Utility Aid)

Utility Aid (UA) can offer members the opportunity to achieve significant savings on their existing energy tariff by being part of a member wide energy basket

As UK energy prices continue to increase, we believe this is a long-term trend.

To allow us to execute this across all of CSC members we are running a group purchasing scheme to extend out to 2021.

This is a fantastic strategy for your budget security and longevity because of the opportunity to purchase your energy with hundreds of other meters from other like-minded ethical organisations.

You will have access to pricing and markets that you would not necessarily be able to benefit from should you choose to remain in an individual tender. You can join regardless of the size of your organisation, everyone can benefit!


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