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Join CSC Buying Group as either a Buyer or a Supplier

Join CSC Buying Group as an Organisational Buyer

Please note: Membership in CSC Buying Group is limited to individuals/organisations within the United Kingdom.

It is a requirement of those intending to become members of CSC Buying Group, that they conduct their business and personal affairs in an ethical manner such that their actions will not adversely affect the reputation of CSC Buying Group as a Christian ministry, nor discredit the greater Christian Community. CSC Buying Group members shall not be in opposition to the CCI UK Statement of Faith

Note: Conference centres and camps must be members of CCI UK to access the CSC Buying Group service.

Applications will only be accepted on these terms. For more on CSC Buying Group UK call 01908 663958.

Joining CSC Buying Group as a registered buyer is absolutely free, however all applications are individually reviewed before they are approved.

Join CSC Buying Group as a Supplier

Are you interested in becoming a CSC Buying Group Supplier?

CSC Buying Group are interested in partnering with suppliers, who are prepared to offer CSC Buying Group members discount rates and/or benefits greater than those which could be otherwise provided to walk-in clients or those offered to Club members of their own organisations.

CSC Buying Group is ministry minded and openly seeks advantages for and to those involved in Christian Ministry and Not for Profit organisations.

If you want to find out more then complete the online enquiry form or call or email our Supply Chain  Manager - Rob Harrison  - rob@cscbg.org.uk on 01908 663958


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