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2 Circles Communications

2 Circles Communications are an award winning communications specialist who provide complete communications solutions, promising best in class service and guaranteed cost savings to our business clients throughout the UK. Whether that is, telecoms, broadband, mobiles or IT

We understand your needs, and can provide a fully tailored solution that will make a real difference to your business, helping you to become more agile, more efficient and more productive, whether you are a single-site small business or a large multi-site corporate. As an independent provider, 2 Circles offers you an unbiased view of the current and future technologies available, delivering bespoke solutions to meet your individual requirements at the best prices.


" I got in touch with 2 Circles Communications through the CSCBG website and I was impressed with the ease of the switch away from BT. It is much better than my previous experiences with other telecoms providers. There was a lot of good communications from 2 Circles and they kept us informed throughout the whole process. Highly recommended."

Bassenfell Christian Centre

We got in touch with 2 Circles Communications following the email sent to the members surrounding the BT price hike and the opportunity to leave without penalty. 2 Circles put together a free review of their phone and broadband services which were with BT and stuck in a 5 year contract. Thanks to both the BT price rise and the CSC Buying Group discounted rates 2 Circles were able to help with a 45% reduction in expenditure which amounts to over £2,000 year on year. 2 Circles also helped to gain confirmation from BT that thanks to the Ofcom ruling they would be able to leave without paying the £5,000 of termination charges.

Loch Monzievaird

If you wish to take full advantage of the benefits offered to CSC Buying group members through this alliance, or wish to enquire about their range of products or services, please select the appropriate option at right.


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