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Discounts for your DIY and maintenance jobs

Screwfix 5% and TradePoint/B&Q 10%

For all member organisations of Christian Supply Chain their individual employees and tradespeople ONLY.

(If you are not already signed-up as a CSCBG member, click here to register first)

Screwfix 5% discount

(Off all purchases including promotions)

For a 5% Screwfix discount for yourself or your organisation just complete the form with your name, address, contact number.

If you already have a Screwfix account complete the form with your existing account number and wherever possible they will retain that number for you.

Discount is applicable off all purchases 

Register now

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TradePoint/B&Q 10% Discount

(Excludes promotions, gift cards and clearance)

Once we receive your details we send them off to B+Q, they in turn send you out an account card by post and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

You show the card at the till for a 10% discount.

Apply for a TradePoint / B&Q Card

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