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We Supply

  • Black + White Coffee Co.
  • Farmstead - more than 300 meat products
  • Unity Wines & Spirits
  • Everyday Favourites 
    • more than 800 products in the range including store cupboard cans, cooking sauces, frozen fish, frozen bakery, frozen desserts, frozen vegetables, potato products, individual and multi-portion ready meals and chilled dairy products.
  • Premium Selection 
    • over 100 carefully selected products using only the best ingredients.
  • Orchard Grove juices
  • Hygiene, disposables and equipment
  • Coronet range of portioned foods - from butter to jam, biscuits to milk jiggers
  • Whites range of crockery
  • Springbourne bottled water

About us

Bidfood Foodservices (Formerly Bidvest 3663) pride themselves on their extensive food range. kitchen equipment, design and installation.

Whether you're looking for fresh, frozen, or chilled foods, wines, beers and spirits, or even crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, cleaning products or kitchen equipment for your establishment, they offer it all.

Bidfood are also experts in offering a commercial kitchen design and installation service through their Hospitality Design service. 

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Bidfood Foodservice

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Délifrance (UK) Ltd (available through Bidvest)

With more than 1,000 bread, viennoiserie, pâtisserie and savoury products, Délifrance is one of Europe's leading bakery companies. A creator of bakery solutions for over 30 years Délifrance makes new taste experiences by infusing simple and essential bakery products with flavour and inspiration. The Délifrance brand, created in 1983, is well established within the UK and European baking market and renowned for its quality, innovation, expertise and local support. Délifrance is proud to be servicing and supporting the foodservice industry.

View the Délifrance Catalogue


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