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The ChurchEcoMiser system consists of a series of wall mounted clay-cored electric radiators operated via an intelligent control system. It is designed to warm the fabric or the building as well as the air within the church which of course helps protect the structure of the building. This is normally done by maintaining a background temperature of around 8c and boosting up to an occupied temperature of approximately 19/20c. however the control is very flexible, and you could if you wished to remove the background temperature when the church is only being used intermittently.

It should also be noted that a heating system that is designed to protect the building fabric is more likely to attract external funding or grant aid than one that does not, particularly in listed churches.

The system is silent in operation and virtually maintenance free, it is 100% fuel efficient and if you purchase your electricity through a green supplier then it is deemed to be carbon neutral. There are no flues or fuel storage problems. The system can also be easily zoned as each heater has to be independently wired back to a new distribution board. In larger churches the system would need a three-phase electricity supply, but this is normally determined on a site survey.

The system is installed in approximately forty churches in the UK with another ten due to be installed by the end of 2023. The system is also fully compatible with solar panels which can be retrofitted to the system at any time.

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