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Papertrail is the innovative safety management software used by the Abernethy Trust, Bassenfell Manor and Christian Adventure Holidays, as well as thousands of other businesses across Europe, Asia and the US.

Built with adventure, access and arboricultural businesses in mind, Papertrail helps you save time, reduce the risk of accidents and keep a watertight audit trail of inspections and reports.

Everyone who needs to comply with health and safety legislation must also inspect their equipment and facilities on a regular basis. Papertrail makes inspections simpler and more secure than a system of paper records or spreadsheets.

  • Record and store important safety and equipment inspections online
  • Invite teams - Track which staff member has completed an inspection and when it was done
  • Produce inspection reports at the click of a button for easy compliance
  • Capture photographic evidence and notes for each piece of gear
  • Get e-mail reminders when your next inspection is due - Never miss an important inspection again!

Best of all, your records are 100% secure and stored in the Cloud, so you'll be able to access them on all your laptops, tablets and mobile devices - whether you're in the office or out and about.

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