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Climate Stewards - Carbon Offsetting

Climate Stewards provides voluntary carbon offsetting to businesses, charities, mission organisations, churches and individuals. We believe that Jesus's command to love our neighbour means that Christians are called to take action on climate change, which affects our global neighbours first and worst. We know that many organisations have already taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint, for example by using skype to replace face to face meetings; but we recognise that we'll never get our footprints to zero. We therefore invite people to 'reduce what you can and offset the rest'.

Using our carbon calculator, organisations and individuals can calculate and offset the carbon emissions from flights, car and train travel, and office utilities. People are often surprised to find that it doesn't cost the earth to offset, and that it is a useful way to demonstrate Christian stewardship of the environment to their own partners and donors.

In Uganda we help families to build household scale water filters which save carbon emissions as they no longer need to boil their water, while bringing health benefits and financial savings too. In Uganda and Kenya we work with churches and schools to plant and care for indigenous trees which not only lock up carbon, but improve livelihoods through agro-forestry and sustainable forest products, and restore local biodiversity as new forest areas are created. In Mexico our partner Scolel'te supports afforestation, forest restoration and agroforestry. Meanwhile, in the UK, we provide resources and teaching on creation care for churches and Christian organisations.

For more information, see the Climate Stewards website or contact Caroline Pomeroy, Director, at caroline.pomeroy@climatestewards.org or 07583 770595


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